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We know how hard it is to keep up with home improvements, so we want to introduce you to some big savings going on right now. Read below to learn more!

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Brighten Up Your Space and Save

We’re always looking for ways to offer great deals to our customers. Take advantage of tax credits and other special promotions to save on our top-rated tubular skylights, skylight replacement, and ventilation products. Find out how much you could save today!

Everyone Loves To Save Money! And Now The Government Helps You Save 30% Through A Tax Credit

160DS Rafter Cutaway

Don’t Delay!  Ventilate your Attic for Less

Now through April 30, you can save an additional $100 when you install 2 Solar Powered Attic Fans.  Did you know that most attics are UNDER-ventilated? Preserve the life of your roof and AC with proper ventilation that removes excess heat and moisture from your attic space.  Call us for details!

Solatube ISn Products

Save BIG when you purchase a Solatube with an integrated solar night light!  The soft glow of the LED night light can help you navigate dark hallways and rooms at night.  Best of all, it qualifies your product for the 30% Federal Tax Credit.

Solar Attic Fans & Garage Fans:
Save 30% with a Tax Credit

Get a federal tax credit on our Solar-Powered Ventilation Products – 30% tax credit available on our Solar Star Solar Attic Fan and Solar-Powered Garage Fan options.

Solar Star With Tax Credit Badge
Solar Powered Skylight with Tax Badge

Solar-Operable Skylights

Solatube Home’s Fresh Breeze Skylights also qualify for a 30% federal tax credit which shaves some big bucks off your product and installation. Another plus about this model is the functionality and ease of opening your skylight with the press of a remote.

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