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We are local. We are Oklahoman. We are family-owned. At Sola Solutions, our purpose is to help you enhance your home and quality of life at an affordable price. With over 40,000 Solatube Daylighting Systems and Solar Star Attic Fans installed, we pride ourselves in offering impeccable customer service from the first phone call to a successful installation and beyond.

Whether you are looking to brighten your home with natural daylight or decrease your energy costs with a solar attic fan, you will find our products to be of the highest quality with innovative design and durability. Give us a call today! It would be our pleasure to brighten your day!

Sola Solutions Upcoming Events

We like to get out and about from time to time. Find out where we’ll be demonstrating Solatube products or attending trade shows below. We hope to see you there!


Find out what it’s really like to own a Solatube daylighting or attic ventilation system. Just read the customer comments below. Then, if you’re ready to learn more, contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation. There’s absolutely no obligation, and our professional Certified Installation Consultants arrive when it’s convenient for you.

“We have had 4 Sola-Tubes for the past 14 yrs or so. The one in the inner Bath Turned a dark Hole into a bright room and even lit up our hallway. We Love them!”

– Louise W. 

“Last week we installed a 14” in our TV room (no glare). I can read or knit w/o the light on! We put a 10” in the kitchen… could have used a 14”… but it made a huge difference. No lights need to be on in the daytime; even on cloudy days! We started with a hallway what a difference! ”

– Bonnie & Les